That Pesky Real Estate Agent

    Does it bother you when that one agent keeps calling and texting? It’s like, ughhh, I just looked at one property on her website and now she emailed me !!

    Not all agents work this way, but some do.  The few agents who work full time and dedicate their self to their profession will call, text, and email potential clients on a regular schedule.  And the rest may not even be aware of your existence, even if you call them first.

    Sometimes there is a negative stigma around agents and I would like to take just a moment to give credit to the aggressive Realtor.  Not If, but When, you are serious about buying or selling a home, you will appreciate that pesky real estate agent. Because if she is consitently staying in contact with her leads and clients, then she is doing her job. And if she is doing her job, then you are going to either buy or sell a house with her experience and determination.

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