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Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking to spruce up your home before you sell? Here are some common staging mistakes that DO NOT help sell your home!

• Less Than Stellar Furniture – Replace or remove outdated or beat up furniture. If you try to mask or hide the furniture with decorative items like pillows or throws, it turns into an even bigger eyesore.

• Themed Decorations – Keep your decor as neutral as possible. Sometimes when the theme is too loud, potential buyers have a hard time imagining themselves living in the home. When the decor is neutral, they can focus on how much they love the house, instead of the decor.

• Decorative Linens and Pillows – Having too many decorative towels in a kitchen or bathroom or decorative pillows on a sofa or bed doesn’t help improve your home’s appearance. Try to minimize the number of pillows and towels throughout your home and make sure they go with the rest of the decor.

• Faux Plants – A lot of faux plants are not good ways to sell your home. If you insist on greenery, try real floral arrangements or plants tastefully placed throughout the house.

• Empty Boxes – Even though this may seem like a small detail, empty boxes in closets or other places hurt your home’s overall aesthetic. Get rid of all your boxes and have as much open space as possible!

• Rugs – If there are too many rugs in the house, this can actually make buyers suspicious about the floors or foundation condition. Use a limited amount of carpets, and keep the colors neutral! If they are smelly or dirty, it’s best to remove them altogether.

Did any of these surprise you?

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