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Slowing Real Estate Market – What You Need to Know as a FSBO Seller

The real estate market has been red hot for the past few years. The strong seller’s market was fueled by low-interest rates and the intense focus on our home environment brought on by the lockdowns of the pandemic. As more companies adjusted to allow a more flexible work-from-home option, people could move to locations that better suited their lifestyles. As a result, it seemed like buyers were everywhere, and listings typically received multiple offers almost immediately.

There have always been sellers who have been willing to forgo the help of a professional real estate agent to avoid the commission costs of their services. In recent years’ brisk seller’s market, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listings could easily gain attention through a simple online listing and a yard sign. As the market shifts away from this frenzy, FSBO sellers may need to reexamine their strategy.

While a buyer’s market does not mean one can’t sell their own home, it does require more effort. Marketing becomes critical. Large online platforms, like Zillow and Trulia, offer the ability for FSBO listings to be placed without an agent. One can advertise open houses, add videos, and adjust as needed. Some real estate agents will take a limited listing that puts the listing on the local MLS for a small fee.

Most importantly, selling without an agent is more work for the seller. As the market slows, a FSBO must be prepared. It can take longer to sell, and as home prices fall, this lost time could equal significant dollars, negating the potential savings of selling FSBO.

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