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Signs it may be time to downsize

Are you looking around at your current home, wondering what the size of your next home should be?
Often, you’ll hear experts talk about when it’s time to go bigger. But what if you don’t need a bigger home and you could do with LESS space?

Here are 3 signs it may be time to downsize:

  1. It’s time to simplify your life. Minimalism is a hot trend right now, but it’s been around for hundreds of years. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the space you have, it’s probably time to minimize.
  2. You want to save money. You’ll save on things such as heating/cooling and maintenance — money that could go towards a down payment in the future or your kids’ tuition! It’s worth considering downsizing if you need to lower your monthly expenses.
  3. You want to reduce your carbon footprint. Yep! Buying a smaller home means reducing your impact on the environment since it reduces energy use.

Have you downsized? What made you decide to do it?

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