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If you’re buying a home for the first time, the inspection process can be a little nerve-racking. The tips below will help you make sure you aren’t missing something!

  1. Hire a REPUTABLE home inspector. We can give you a few suggestions. The last thing you want is for a home inspector to miss a significant item that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair yourself once you move into the home!
  2. ATTEND the inspection. Attending the inspection allows the inspector to show you any issues and explain what they could mean for you. You want to be there so you can ask lots of questions!
  3. DON’T freak out. There are ALWAYS going to be little things needing repair or improvement, but it’s the big-ticket items (HVAC, Roof, Foundation, etc) that you should be genuinely concerned about.

Work with your realtor to determine if the pros of buying the home still outweigh the cons after the inspection and remember that you can always leave the deal if necessary(as long as you are within your option period).

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