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Employers & Small Business at The Crystal Coast

Do you Dream of Moving to the Beach?

Join the club, right? We see posts all the time “Life is short, move to the beach, never look back!”  Followed by hundreds of comments…”I wish”, “in my dreams”, “if only”…

The reality is, we can’t all pack up and move to the beach on a whim. There are a number of reasons why, but the TWO biggest are #1 Family and #2 Jobs.  

However, it is no secret that we are living in an ever-increasingly digital world.  Technology offers us more occupational freedom than ever before and an influx of virtual careers and opportunities to work from home.  In 2019, young families are able to choose where they want to live and coastal communities are now more than ever becoming family-friendly destinations to be enjoyed year-round by people of all ages, not just retirees.

Water Front Homes @TheCrystalCoast

That said, we realize that not everyone has the luxury of working from home.  We are a hyper-local real estate agency serving The Crystal Coast and we work with clients who want to know, “Where can I work?” Because, the truth is, unless you are comfortably retired or hit the mega millions, you are going to need an income. We get it.  

So, while we can’t advise about every coastal community in the country, we can give you some insight about this one. Here’s a great place to start…

According to the Department of Commerce, the Top 5 Industries in Carteret County are:

  • Retail Trade

  • Accommodation & Food Service

  • Healthcare & Social Assistance

  • Public Administration

  • Educational Services

AccessNC reports Top 5 Employers are:

Havelock & Newport Single Family Homes

Blue Arbor is a rapidly growing Human Resource Agency located in Morehead City, successfully connecting employers with employees at The Crystal Coast.

Other flourishing businesses at the Crystal Coast include Marinas, (Think Dock Hands, Ship Mates, Boat Builders), Landscapers, Construction, Housekeepers, In-Home Health Care & Hospitality.

We boast some of the finest dining establishments in Eastern North Carolina, employing hundreds of cooks, servers, bartenders, and managers.  

Top 10 Places to Eat in Beaufort

And, there is something to be said about small business at the Crystal Coast.  We have the Carteret County Small Business Center, Carteret Economic Development, and the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce who are in full support of entrepreneurs and each a valuable resource for small business incubation, growth, and success in Coastal North Carolina. Our communities of Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach & Emerald Isle THRIVE on small business and employ thousands of residents, both seasonal and year-round.

New Construction @TheCrystalCoast

So, whether you are a virtual employee, a job seeker, or an adventurist with a great start-up idea, bring yourself to the Crystal Coast!! We will help you find your home…and your family?  They will visit, we promise.

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