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Do You Need a Backup Generator for Your Home?

Many people live where power outages often occur, caused by storms or simply an unreliable power grid. If you experience regular power outages, you may wonder if you need a backup generator. Here are some considerations for you to think about before you buy.

You May Need a Backup Generator if……

· You store large amounts of frozen/refrigerated food – Do you have a storage freezer or regularly keep large amounts of food on hand?
· You have life-saving medical equipment on-site – Are you or a loved one reliant on medical devices to stay healthy that require power?
· You need electricity to stay warm in winter – Do you live in a location where temperatures drop to dangerous levels in winter and rely on power to generate heat?
· You have essential equipment on site – Do you have systems that must constantly run to prevent damage? A good example is a sump pump that prevents flooding.

f you do need a generator, there are still options you must investigate. How much power do you need, and for how long? Generators require fuel and regular maintenance. They also are loud and emit fumes, so placement is essential. You can also choose from a permanent generator or a portable version.
Power outages can cause serious issues, and a home backup generator is a great way to safeguard from loss. Do you need a backup generator? Consider why you want one, and then do some homework. Generators are an expensive investment but may be important for your family.

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