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You know we are all about helping you find your dream home – We want to share some things that we do to help our clients save their hard earned money when buying their next home. Our hope is in sharing these; we can help at least one person save some money on their next home purchase!

1) Don’t make the wrong offer!
What do we mean? This happens when someone doesn’t know the market well and offers too high of a price to the seller. Real estate agents know the market well & what a reasonable & fair price is for the home. This way, you aren’t overpaying for your home.

2) Failing to negotiate.
Even if the home is at market value, you want to negotiate the home expertly. Don’t be afraid to have difficult discussions with the seller to save you even more money! If you aren’t negotiating at all, then you may be losing thousands on your purchase.

3) Failing to negotiate the repairs.
After the inspection report comes back, there are specific items that warrant a discounted price in the home – and so many people are missing out on this because they don’t know what’s allowed or not! This means you are leaving money on the table!

These are just 3 of the items that can help you save thousands on your next home; there are many more!

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