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If you’re buying a home and have gotten the ok to close from your lender, then CONGRATULATIONS! – all of your efforts to purchase your dream home are about to become a reality!

What they don’t tell you is that there are a few actions that can bring this process to a complete HALT. 

We’re here to let you know what these mistakes are so that you DON’T make them before reaching the closing table!

All of the following items are RED FLAGS for your lender, and they could decline the transaction because of one of the things below happening right before buying your home:

  1. Don’t purchase items such as a new car, new furniture, or new appliances.
  2. Don’t open a new line of credit or close an existing line of credit.
  3. Don’t quit or switch jobs.
  4. Don’t make a late payment on a bill.
  5. Don’t ignore questions/requests from your lender and/or broker.
  6. Don’t authorize a credit check.
  7. Don’t make large deposits into your bank account outside of your normal paycheck amount.
  8. Don’t cosign a loan with ANYONE.
  9. Don’t change bank accounts.
  10. Don’t take out a payday loan.

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